А features of trust legal transactionsare in the system of civil law of Akraine

Natalia Bytrun-Boka, Snizhana Diachuk


The article investigates the legal relations that arise between the parties, which is based on trust. The article defines the main features of fiduciary treaties that were used during the Ancient Rome, the main reasons for concluding such agreements under Roman law. The main, most widespread designs of fiduciary agreements - the representation and trust management of the property - are investigated. The article deals with the legal nature of fiduciary transactions. The article explores the grounds for the emergence and termination of legal relations arising from trust relations. It is found out that it is in the presence of trust that any transaction can be attributed to fiduciary. Considering the fiduciary nature of property management contracts, it is indicated that a trustee transfers the obligation to manage the property, with which he has no right to use the transferred property for personal interest

Ключові слова

trust, trust legal relations, representation, property management, fiduciation, fiduciary transaction

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.35774/app2017.04.180